Privacy statement

All personal information will be handled safely.


We will hold and use the information needed in order to be able to fulfil transactions and will be passed on to affiliated companies for order processing activities. To learn more about our data protection click here.


When processing information, your legal interests will be taken into account according legal regulations and law.


We collect address- and order information for marketing purposes.


In case you want us to stop, or do not want us to any longer use, collect or hand over your information for marketing purposes, you can revoke your approval or inform us through the HV Polo webshop. Upon receipt we will no longer use the information for marketing purposes and we will refrain from sending you related information.


This site uses Google web analytics service. The service may record mouse clicks, mouse movements, scrolling activity as well as any text you type in this website, except text in password fields. Google does not collect personally identifiable information that you do not voluntarily enter in this website. Google does not track your browsing habits across other web sites or text inputted in password fields. For more information see the above main section of our Privacy Policy. We are using the information collected by Google service to improve our website, make it more user-friendly and monitor that it is performing correctly.

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